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The following organizations in San Francisco Bay Area are member of BADA. Plese select an organization from the menu below to learn more about it.

Bay Area Burma Roundtable | Burma Association | Burma Humanitarian Mission | Burmese American Women's Alliance | Burma Relief | Free Burma Berkeley

Bay Area Burma Roundtable, San Francisco, USA

The Bay Area Burma Roundtable meets once a month and brings together American and Burmese activists and students from cities around the Bay Area. We are active in many ways. Primarily, we work together to obtain the support of elected city officials, university administrations and the greater public for the Free Burma movement. For example, recently we were able to get the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to pass a Divestment Resolution which calls upon San Francisco's retirement board to divest stock from companies doing business in Burma. We also hold Public Education events like film screenings and speaking events in order to educate and inspire folks who may not know about Burma's struggle. The Bay Area Burma Roundtable also works to pressure companies Unocal and Suzuki to get their business out of Burma. We support the Unocal and Suzuki Out Of Burma Campaigns by helping to organize demonstrations at Suzuki dealerships and recently at Unocal Board Member Frank Herringer's office in downtown San Francisco. The Bay Area Burma Roundtable is open to everyone at all times. We would love to have representation from more Bay Area cities join the Bay Area Burma Roundtable-a place for American and Burmese activists to work together in many ways for a Free Burma.

For more information contact contact Shannon Tel: 415-255-7296 ext 244, E-mail: shannon@globalexchange.org

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